Immigration to Poland from Ukraine

At all times Poland has attracted immigrants from neighboring countries, and most of all – Ukrainians. In addition to the mental similarity with the Poles and the convenient geographical location of the country and favorable conditions renting apartments in Poland , for immigration to Poland from Ukraine there is more compelling reasons. Among them:

  • simple (in comparison with other European countries) obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) in Poland;
  • upon receiving permanent residence, you will be able to travel freely in the Schengen countries;
  • a fairly simple and understandable language for Ukrainians, which can be learned conversationally in just a few months.

An additional plus is the fact that Poland is the only European Union country that allowed Ukrainians to get a job, even if you do not have a visa. In other words, a Ukrainian who crossed the border with his biometric passport has every right to try to find a job and then get the necessary documents. An immigrant can ask the Polish state for a declaration of intent to work in a country called “sanctified”.

Ways of immigration to Poland

Under what circumstances can Ukrainians legally leave for Poland and stay there? Let’s take a look at the main options:

  • employment in Poland.
  • Studying at a Polish university.
  • Concluded marriage with a Pole / Polish woman.
  • Obtaining refugee status.
  • Business registration in Poland.
  • Moving to Poland with a Pole card.

Each of the options should be discussed in more detail.

Labor immigration to Poland

One of the most common cases of moving to Poland for permanent residence is the employment of a Ukrainian. Skipping prior steps like finding jobs, submitting résumé, and going through interviews, there is something particularly important ahead of you. You can legally live and work in Poland only after obtaining a visa of category D.

But first, you need to get a “Statement of intent to entrust work to a foreigner” (in Polish it sounds like “Oświadczenie o zamiarze powierzenia pracy cudzoziemcowi”). This invitation should come to you from the Polish side. Such a statement is a guarantee that they are really waiting for you in Poland and are ready to officially offer you a job under certain conditions.

There are two main types of contracts in Poland:

  • the first type includes an open-ended contract, an agreement for a trial period and for a clearly defined period.
  • The second type includes work contracts and orders.

Emigration to Poland through study at a university

The second reason for emigration to Poland from Ukraine is a great desire to get an education at a Polish university. And there are many reasons for this. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  • acceptable cost of education, compared with other European countries, and even with some higher educational institutions in Ukraine;
  • the opportunity to enter a university without a certificate of EIT;
  • no age restrictions among applicants;
  • obtaining a residence permit in Poland and a high probability of finding a decent job after training;
  • a diploma from a Polish university is appreciated in most countries of the European Union;
  • the opportunity to participate in the ERASMUS i ERASMUS + program, that is, to get an internship or study at any exchange university in Europe;
  • opportunity to work additionally during training.

If you know the Polish language, you can get free education on a general basis.

And if you have a Pole’s Card, then additional opportunities open up before you. For example, such an applicant has the right to apply for a 30% discount upon admission to paid education. Or try your hand on a general basis and enroll on a budget, and even receive a scholarship. Another option is to study at a higher educational institution not as a foreigner, but as a Polish citizen, but in this case you will not have a scholarship.

You can go in two different ways. Apply through the Consulate – then you only need to have with you a Pole’s Card, proof of your origin and, if the applicant has not reached the age of majority, permission to study from your parents.

The second option is to act independently by filling out the online form for the applicant, enter your Pesel (the same as the TIN in our country), enter all the necessary data and make a prepayment.

By the way, you can get Pesel after receiving a residence permit – temporary or permanent. In this case, you must have a rental contract for at least 3 months.

Immigration to Poland by starting a family with a Pole

Marriage in Poland is carried out in an institution similar to our registry office, only among the Poles it is called Urząd Stanu Cywilnego (most often the abbreviation USC is used).

The required list of documents for registering a marriage with a Pole / Polish woman is as follows:

  • passports of both sides;
  • birth certificates;
  • if a party is divorced, a document is required to prove that the party is not married;
  • if one of the parties is a widow / widower, a death certificate must be provided;
  • a foreigner needs to have a certificate that his state does not prohibit him from getting married;
  • statements by both parties that there are no reasons preventing the marriage;
  • certificate stating that a foreigner has the right to marry a Pole / Polish woman.

Thus, a Ukrainian (Ukrainian) who has married a Polish citizen then applies for a temporary residence permit in the country. A married couple can enter Poland, and a person who has married a foreigner will first receive a residence permit for 2 years. Only after that, a Ukrainian or Ukrainian woman has the right to apply for permanent residence, and 5 years after that – to receive full Polish citizenship.

Business immigration – company registration in Poland

Business immigration to Poland provides an opportunity to officially cooperate with all countries of the European Union. The best part is that you don’t have to pay any more customs duties. But these are not all the benefits. As a business owner in Poland, you have the opportunity to get a loan in Europe on very favorable terms.

Among other things, you are issued an annual visa, with the help of which you can then obtain a residence permit, and even eventually obtain Polish citizenship.

There are three ways for a Ukrainian to register his company in Poland:

  • online registration;
  • registration through power of attorney;
  • registration with an initial visit to the country.

In general, the procedure is much easier than in many EU countries and takes 3 to 14 days.

It is very important to choose the province in which your company will be registered. As a result, you will receive the company’s charter, your seal, KRS number and REGON number (Rejestr Gospodarki Narodowe) – in other words, this is the register of the national economy, as well as the NIP – taxpayer identification number, which will be given to you by the local tax office.

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