For the investor

Do you have capital and want to work on yourself? Invest in real estate with Atlant Estates! We will search for you real estate offers that will not only protect your capital, but also will bring you regular monthly income. We will estimate the planned income from your investment before buying the property, thanks to which we will minimize the risk associated with the investment from the very beginning.

We encourage you to take advantage of our comprehensive offer for investors, which includes:

  • Investor needs analysis.
  • Searching for properties that meet customer requirements.
  • Calculation of potential rental income and ROI.
  • Checking the legal status of real estate.
  • Organization of the purchase and sale process.
  • Interior design and renovation of the property by our partners (optional).
  • Search for tenants (optional).
  • Lease management (optional).
  • Real estate insurance (optional).

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