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Buy an apartment in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is one of the largest settlements in Poland, the fourth in terms of population, with comfortable transport interchanges and developed infrastructure.

This is the local Silicon Valley, where IT industry experts from all nearby countries travel. This city differs from the capital of Poland for its measured pace of life, without kilometer-long traffic jams and a huge number of “anthills”. A green, clean, and well-groomed settlement attracts not only foreigners to buy an apartment in Wroclaw, but also a huge number of tourists.

Prices for an apartment in Wroclaw

First of all, the cost of housing in Wroclaw depends on the specific area (center or suburb). You just have to choose the one in which you will live most comfortably and pleasantly.

  1. The districts remote from the center are perfect for families with children. It is relatively quiet here, there is no constant flow of cars, there are places for walking and everything you need for a comfortable life. Here the cost per square meter ranges from PLN 5,000 to PLN 6,000.
  2. For those who, above all, want to focus on their career development, choose the center of Wroclaw. It is here that the main activity is located – business and cultural centers, constant traffic, a busy transport interchange, thanks to which you can get to any point in the city quickly and without traffic jams. Accommodation here will cost you more, from about PLN 8,000 per square meter.
  3. Also in Wroclaw there is a separate category of housing – elite new buildings, both in the secondary and in the primary market. The price per square meter in such apartments can reach PLN 10,000-15,000.

Accordingly, apartments in Wroclaw are divided into certain classes, which differ in value. But the main difficulty arises before a potential investor only when he begins to look closely at the apartments, communicate with the owners of the objects, and choose the appropriate option for himself. The client can face a huge number of difficulties, being completely unprepared for most of them.

A real estate agent will help to solve this problem, where we advise you to contact.

Atlant Estates Real Estate Agency Services

Do you want your problems with the selection of an apartment, the elimination of nuances with the owner, as well as the solution of issues related to signing the contract, organized for you by the company’s specialists? Then you should contact the Atlant Estates real estate agency, where professional agents will make you a selection of apartments according to your requests, provide qualified advice and will accompany you on all issues from the first day of cooperation.

In addition, Atlant Estates provides apartment trust services. The company assumes all obligations, and the owner receives a stable income from the property.

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Rely on an agency with extensive experience, and all you have to do is approve the option you like and enjoy your purchase.

You can view current options for apartments in Wroclaw and other cities in Poland on the company’s official website. Choose the best life for yourself. And proven real estate in Poland at a reasonable price is the first step towards this.