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Apartments in Warsaw

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Buy an apartment in Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. The city is considered the cultural, tourist, and business center of Eastern Europe. This is due to its beauty and rapid economic development. The country’s accession to the European Union played an equally important role. Interest on the part of foreigners is based not only on the contemplation of architectural monuments. Many come to Poland to enter a university or start a business. In this case, the best solution to the housing problem would be buying an apartment in Warsaw.

Prices for an apartment in Warsaw

The cost of an apartment in Warsaw depends on several criteria. Among them:

  • total area;
  • apartment state;
  • the area where the property is located;
  • availability of furniture and appliances.

In general, apartment prices are several times lower than the cost of real estate in other European countries. That is why buying activity is increasing every year. Due to the abundance of offers, it will not be difficult to buy an apartment in Warsaw in a new building or in the secondary market.

Oftentimes, buying a residential property is seen as an option to generate income. Owners of a one-room apartment, a country house, or an apartment with a large area can count on monthly passive income from renting out real estate. In this case, the cost of residential property will pay off in several years. If you wish, you can sell the apartment after a while, getting a quick income. How much depends only on the difference in price.

How to buy an apartment in Warsaw for a foreigner

The sale of apartments in Warsaw to foreign citizens is carried out according to the current legislation. A potential buyer needs to know the nuances in order to take over the ownership of the real estate and not be left without money. If you do not have time to understand the rules and requirements, contact a real estate agency. Professionals will help you find an acceptable option and take on the solution of issues related to the transaction.

Please note that Polish law separates the concepts of a house and an apartment. Because of this, untrained buyers often have problems. A permit issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs is required to purchase a house. The paperwork takes 2-6 months and costs about $ 400. An apartment can be bought without permits.

Despite the presence of pitfalls, there are exceptions. In some cases, a permit is not required even when buying a house:

  • with a permanent residence permit or residence in Poland for 5 years;
  • if you are a citizen of a member state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area;
  • if you are married to a Polish citizen and have lived in the country for at least 2 years.

There are a lot of such nuances, so it is better to entrust the purchase of housing to professionals. After obtaining permission (if you do not fall under the exception), the specialist will offer options in accordance with your requests and budget. After viewing them and selecting a specific object, the notary checks the legal purity of the property, the absence of debts, and collateral.
If all documents are in order, a sales contract is concluded. You transfer the amount to the seller, and he, in turn, provides the documents for the apartment. After their re-registration, you become the full owner of the property.

Real estate agency services Atlant Estates in Poland

Atlant Estates specialists will help you to profitably purchase residential property in Poland. You will be offered options in new homes and on the secondary market. Review the prices for an apartment in Wroclaw or Warsaw, decide on the object of purchase and go to inspect the property. Do not waste time searching for apartments by advertisements when the work can be entrusted to professionals.

You do not have to communicate with the seller, receive the necessary documents, look for a notary and other specialists. Atlant Estates employees will take care of these issues by taking care of all issues. Do not be distracted from important matters by shifting tasks to specialists. Working with Atlant Estates real estate agency, you will be satisfied with the result!